Custom-made Fruits Vape | Odm Fruits Vape

Custom-made Fruits Vape | Odm Fruits Vape

There are many options for , such as taste fruits vape, taste, temperature, etc. A variety of identical pods allow most users to choose a pod that suits their taste. E-liquid is safe and pollution-free. Fruity e-cigarettes present many of the same flavors through the atomization of e-liquid, and vice versa, pods will also present the same flavors under the same smoking equipment, which is mainly related to the power of the smoke. Smoking set and air intake.

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Unique Taste

We have unique tastes in the market.

Product Quality

We have the most advanced automatic chemical plant and equipped with dust-free workshop to make better quality.

The Fastest Response Speed

According to the customer's requirements, we have completed the customer's order with the fastest speed and under the premise of ensuring the quality.

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Shenzhen Ice Bear Foreign Trade Co., Ltd was established in 2022 in shenzhen City.Have a perfect R&D, creation, production and production system.

Shenzhen Ice Bear Foreign Trade Co., Ltd has a complete supply chain system, and can make corresponding response immediately after customers put forward order requirements to complete customers' requirements with the best efficiency.

In the past few years, our company has explored the taste and taste preferences of electronic cigarette users from the lower market and developed our own brand in this direction.

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Fruits Vape | Electronic Cigarette Vaporizer

Fruits vape atomizers are mainly divided into two types: RDA drop oil repairable atomizer and RTA oil storage tank repairable atomizer. According to smokers, RDA smoke oil tastes better, and you can drop as much as you smoke. Usually, the space in the tank is large, and fancy coils can be installed; RTA is convenient to go out, and the tank can be filled with oil, and the space in the tank is usually small. Recently, some manufacturers have launched RDTA, which can be divided into increasing the oil tank on the basis of RDA, or strengthening the structure on the basis of RTA to make it close to the taste of RDA.

Fruits Vape | Electronic Cigarette Vaporizer

Fruits Vape | Electronic Cigarettes and Traditional Cigarettes

Differences and similarities between fruits vape and traditional cigarettes
1. Does not contain tar ingredients harmful to human body, no carcinogens;
2. It does not burn, and there are no various harmful chemicals produced after burning;
3. There is no harm caused by "second-hand smoke" to others and pollution to the environment;
4. There is no fire hazard, and it can be used in places where smoking and fire are prohibited.

Like cigarettes, it can lead to dependence, and long-term smoking may cause harm to the body.

Fruits Vape | Electronic Cigarettes and Traditional Cigarettes

Fruits Vape | Electronic Cigarette Core

Fruits vape cores are usually coils (usually made of nickel, titanium, stainless steel) and cotton. After the cotton absorbs the e-liquid, the coil wound on it is energized to generate heat to heat the e-liquid. Some atomizing cores can be repeatedly tied with new coils and replaced with new cotton.

Fruits Vape | Electronic Cigarette Core
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We have advanced factory automation equipment, with extremely fast efficiency and good quality.

We have the best taste for users that we have explored in the lower market for several years. Of course, we can also perfect the taste required by customers according to their requirements.

From R&D to manufacturing, our products meet the security requirements of various countries in strict accordance with the requirements, and are tested by all parties to make safe electronic cigarettes.

We will respond immediately after the customer places an order to deliver the customer's order in the fastest time.

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