Berry Lemonade Ice Vape Juice | Berry Vape Cost

Berry Lemonade Ice Vape Juice | Berry Vape Cost

The taste of berry vape is unmatched. Surging sweet freshness is the main note, followed by candy-coated girdle and vibrant cool menthol as the finish. Vaping on berries can provide all the satisfaction one could need.

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Unique Taste

We have unique tastes in the market.

Product Quality

We have the most advanced automatic chemical plant and equipped with dust-free workshop to make better quality.

The Fastest Response Speed

According to the customer's requirements, we have completed the customer's order with the fastest speed and under the premise of ensuring the quality.

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We Have The Best Solutions for Your Business

Shenzhen Ice Bear Foreign Trade Co., Ltd was established in 2022 in shenzhen City.Have a perfect R&D, creation, production and production system.

Shenzhen Ice Bear Foreign Trade Co., Ltd has a complete supply chain system, and can make corresponding response immediately after customers put forward order requirements to complete customers' requirements with the best efficiency.

In the past few years, our company has explored the taste and taste preferences of electronic cigarette users from the lower market and developed our own brand in this direction.

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Berry Vape | Atomized Electronic Cigarettes and Tobacco

Berry Vape | Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes: Atomization Compared with Tobacco

Compared with tobacco, atomized electronic cigarettes are less pungent, and their taste is much better than that of ordinary tobacco, and they can also suck out smoke like tobacco. Atomized e-cigarettes can meet the needs of smokers for nicotine, high and low concentrations of e-liquid, and a variety of flavors, which can satisfy smokers at multiple levels. If you need to quit smoking, you can gradually reduce the nicotine content in the e-liquid, and choose e-liquid with a lower nicotine content in turn. The more effective nicotine replacement therapy for smoking cessation also uses this idea.

Berry Vape | Atomized Electronic Cigarettes and Tobacco

Berry Vape | Vaping and Health Benefits

Berry Vape | Advantages of Vaping: Health Benefits

Most users hope to replace tobacco with e-cigarettes to reduce harm to the body. E-cigarettes do not produce toxic smog, and the e-liquid is refined and does not contain carcinogens that will cause harm to the human body. Compared with ordinary tobacco, the smoke of electronic cigarettes does not contain harmful carbon monoxide, particles and tar in the smoke, carbon dioxide, arsenic, lead, mercury and other harmful substances, and has no carcinogens. Exposure of the lungs to these substances is reduced. After the e-liquid is heated, it is converted into smoke, part of which enters the lungs of the human body, and the other part is exhaled into the air.

Berry Vape | Vaping and Health Benefits

Berry vape | Electronic cigarette safety and environmental protection

Berry vape | Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes: Safety and Environmental Protection

The cigarette butts of traditional tobacco use chemical compounds that are difficult to degrade. Many cigarette butts are thrown away at will, causing huge environmental pollution problems. However, atomized electronic cigarettes not only simply do not produce discarded cigarette butts, but also do not produce harmful gases that pollute the atmosphere. Vaping electronic cigarettes is a relatively responsible choice for the environment. Atomized electronic cigarettes make the environment cleaner and fresher. You don’t need to carry lighters or matches with you, and you don’t have to be repelled or rejected because of the soot and odor that fills the room. E-cigarettes do not ignite or flame with fire, so there is no risk of injury. Unlike cigarettes, cigars or chimneys, throwing them on the ground can pose a safety hazard.

Berry vape | Electronic cigarette safety and environmental protection
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We have the best taste for users that we have explored in the lower market for several years. Of course, we can also perfect the taste required by customers according to their requirements.

From R&D to manufacturing, our products meet the security requirements of various countries in strict accordance with the requirements, and are tested by all parties to make safe electronic cigarettes.

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