2022 Customized Vape | Customized Vape Brand

2022 Customized Vape | Customized Vape Brand

You can customized vape the protective cover, rope and other peripheral items used in the design of electronic cigarettes. You can customize e-liquid and the most suitable matching atomizer according to your own preferences or the taste of the target area. You can customize pods and cigarettes and set them according to requirements.

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Unique Taste

We have unique tastes in the market.

Product Quality

We have the most advanced automatic chemical plant and equipped with dust-free workshop to make better quality.

The Fastest Response Speed

According to the customer's requirements, we have completed the customer's order with the fastest speed and under the premise of ensuring the quality.

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We Have The Best Solutions for Your Business

Shenzhen Ice Bear Foreign Trade Co., Ltd was established in 2022 in shenzhen City.Have a perfect R&D, creation, production and production system.

Shenzhen Ice Bear Foreign Trade Co., Ltd has a complete supply chain system, and can make corresponding response immediately after customers put forward order requirements to complete customers' requirements with the best efficiency.

In the past few years, our company has explored the taste and taste preferences of electronic cigarette users from the lower market and developed our own brand in this direction.

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Customized Vape | Uses of Electronic Cigarettes

Customized vape help to quit smoking and reduce the harm to people who are more or less difficult.

Healthy electronic cigarettes are the same as ordinary cigarettes:
1. There is a suction action when inhaling, and you can swallow clouds and mist
2. It enables smokers to overcome their cravings and refresh their minds:
3. It can meet the psychophysiological needs of smokers and conform to the habits that smokers have developed for many years.

Customized Vape | Uses of Electronic Cigarettes

Customized Vape | Electronic Cigarette Ingredients

Customized Vape | Electronic cigarette oil composition: glycerin (VG)

VG for short, a common drug and food additive, has no side effects on the human body, is colorless and tasteless, is very hygroscopic, but relatively viscous, so it will slightly increase the difficulty of cleaning the atomizer and reduce the oil-conducting speed of the core (relatively easy to dry /paste). VG can be directly extracted from vegetable oil, coconut oil and palm oil, heated to high temperature, and then purified by distillation. Therefore, the USP food-grade vegetable glycerin used in regular e-liquids has a purity of 99.7% + 0.3% water.


Customized Vape | Electronic Cigarette Ingredients

Customized Vape | Electronic Cigarette Ingredients

Customized vape ingredients: propylene glycol (PG)

Also known as PG, it is used to dilute the viscosity of VG. Hygroscopic, slightly sweet, colorless and odorless, fluidity similar to water, is a common drug and food additive, PG has good oil conductivity, and produces "a small amount of smoke" and a "throat hit" similar to smoking. PG has been classified as a safe additive by FDA research (only refers to ingestion), although it is also one of the benchmark materials for antifreeze, and is often used in the field of antifreeze and food and beverages with special requirements.


Customized Vape | Electronic Cigarette Ingredients
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We have advanced factory automation equipment, with extremely fast efficiency and good quality.

We have the best taste for users that we have explored in the lower market for several years. Of course, we can also perfect the taste required by customers according to their requirements.

From R&D to manufacturing, our products meet the security requirements of various countries in strict accordance with the requirements, and are tested by all parties to make safe electronic cigarettes.

We will respond immediately after the customer places an order to deliver the customer's order in the fastest time.

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