What is the difference between electronic cigarettes and cigarettes?

1. The smoke is different

The smoke of electronic cigarettes is water vapor, the smoke is large, and the particle size is small, while the traditional cigarette smoke is in the nature of solid particles, so the damage to the human lungs will be different. The more cigarette particles are inhaled into the lungs, The greater the harm to the human body, so these two are relatively less harmful than electronic cigarettes.

2. The smell is different

electronic cigarette have no peculiar smell, so after smoking electronic cigarette, there will be no tobacco smell in the mouth and clothes, and the taste is clear as usual, which will not cause trouble to others. However, traditional cigarettes have a strong smell after inhalation, and people who like to smoke will also have an old tobacco smell, which is very unpleasant to many people.

3. Different raw materials

electronic cigarette are materials used for electronic technology products. They are not tobacco, but are composed of atomizers, lithium batteries and pods. They just imitate the taste of cigarettes. Tobacco needs to be used for real cigarettes. Tobacco belongs to a wide range of plantings. Herbal plants can be used to make cigarettes, dry tobacco, pipes, cigars, etc.

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