Significance of testing and certification of electronic cigarette products

Testing and certification of electronic cigarette products has four levels of significance:

1. For consumers, the certification mark conveys effective product quality information to consumers and reduces the decision-making time of consumers;

2. For enterprises, differentiated third-party certification and trust can highlight brand positioning and product advantages, enhance product brand effect and consumer recognition, help seize market share, increase sales and international trade circulation, and be effectively used for recruitment Proof of bidding, auxiliary certificate of response to policy supervision;

3. For the industry, certification can promote the transformation and upgrading of products and industries. Passing high-end quality certification will drive the scale effect of the industry and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises;

4. For the government, the use of certification can promote the industry's trustworthy mechanism, reduce the cost of government supervision, and play a role in promoting the formulation of industry standard policies for the government, enterprises and institutions.

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