Benefits of electronic cigarettes

Randomized controlled trials have shown that e-cigarettes support smokers in quitting smoking, which is expected from their ability to provide nicotine, which has doubled the long-term quitting rate (Hartmann-Boyce et al., 2016). A recent randomized controlled trial involving nearly 900 participants found that e-cigarettes were almost twice as effective as nicotine replacement therapy in helping smokers quit smoking over a one-year follow-up period compared to behavioral support (Hajek et al., 2019).

Despite the rapid popularity of e-cigarettes in the United Kingdom and the United States, smoking rates have declined (Wang et al., 2018; National Bureau of Statistics, 2019). In the United Kingdom, data from time series analysis have found that the increase in the use of electronic cigarettes by smokers in England is positively correlated with an increase in the overall rate of quitting smoking and the success rate of quitting smoking (Beard et al., 2020). These findings are supported by the United States Demographic Survey, indicating a significant increase in the smoking cessation rate among e-cigarette users (Zhu et al., 2017). Although these data are observational and cannot show a causal relationship, they do add to the evidence that e-cigarettes have not disrupted the decline in smoking rates. Although smoking rates and experimental volumes have increased in the United Kingdom and the United States, there is no evidence that using electronic cigarettes can slow the decline in smoking rates among young people (Bauld et al., 2017). In fact, since the popularity of electronic cigarettes, the smoking rate among adolescents in the United States has decreased even faster (Jamal et al., 2017). "Non smokers who smoke do expose themselves to avoidable health risks, but in the UK, less than 1% of non smokers become regular smokers (Smoking and Health Action, 2019).". oem vape

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